B) incentive payments until these payments are made to a person or organization involved in hiring or admitting students or making decisions regarding the awarding of Title IV, the DEE program fund. (i) a reasonable relationship between the duration of the program and the conditions of access to the recognized profession to which the program prepares the student. The Secretary believes that the relationship is appropriate if the number of hours of the program does not exceed by more than 50% the minimum number of hours of time required for training in the recognized profession to which the program prepares the student, if the state has established such a requirement. , or as set up by a federal authority; 1. With respect to an institution participating in a student hiring or admission activity or grant decisions, any institution or organization that recruits or welcomes students or decides on and accepts heA program funds for Title IV; and (b) by entering into an agreement to participate in the program, an institution accepts that , (g) an institution`s participation agreement automatically expires if – 4) it establishes and maintains the administrative and tax procedures and records necessary to ensure the proper and effective management of funds received from the secretary or students in accordance with Title IV. , HEA programs, as well as the assurance that the institution will provide, on request and in a timely manner, information on the management capacity and financial responsibility of the institution – (i) there is no commission, bonus or other incentive in any part, directly or indirectly, on the success of the guarantee of registration or granting grants. , to a person or organization involved in a student reception or recruitment activity, or when deciding to award Title IV, DEE program fund. (21) It does not impose sanctions, including late fees, denial of access to classes, libraries or other institutions, or the requirement for the student to borrow additional funds for which interest or other fees are collected for each student because, due to the late payment of the proceeds of Title IV, the student is unable to meet his or her financial obligations to the institution. , HEA loans due to compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements of Title IV, EEA programs or settlement delays; (i) a person who, as a result of a crime involving the acquisition, use or use of federal, regional or municipal funds, or who, administratively or judicially, has been determined to have committed fraud or other substantial impairment of the acquisition, use or expenditure of federal, regional or local funds, or who, as a result of the acquisition, use or expenditure of the federal government. has been convicted or guilty of using national or municipal funds as an employment as the acquisition, use or expenditure of federal, regional or municipal funds, or convicted or convicted. , government or local funds; (13) In the case of an institution where students receive financial assistance under Section 484, point (d), the institution provides these students with a program that has been successful in helping students obtain the recognized equivalent of a higher education degree. (ii) a guarantee agency within the meaning of 34 CFR, Part 682, which guarantees loans under the federal and federal loan PLUS for participation in the establishment or branch of the establishment or on other sites; 7.

It provides reports to the Secretary and, in the case of an organization participating in the Federal Stafford Loan, Federal Stafford Plus or the Federal Perkins Loan Program, to the holders of loans to the Institute`s students under that program during these periods and containing information that the Secretary can reasonably request to meet the objective of Title IV. , EEA programs; (17) The Secretary, The Guarantee Agencies and the Lenders of Sin