URFA President Sylvain Rheault said in an interview that the offer was made without an email request and that it had discussed the terms of the agreement. Third parties are expected to behave in a manner consistent with this policy. Compliance with this directive is considered a tacit clause in all contracts and agreements with the university and is a prerequisite for access to the university. The first collective agreement for our new members, the university researchers, is now available! It can be found in our collective agreements Chase wrote that the trading website, ureginacollectivebargaining.ca, is part of these efforts. “As we have worked hard at the negotiating table for an agreement with the URFA, the university`s priority is to ensure that all members of the campus and wider community receive timely updates and important information.” “The URFA`s position is that the collective agreement remains in force until a new agreement is negotiated. In the event of a strike, the URFA executive will argue that sabbaticants and those with authorized sheets should not be considered a strike because they were not apprenticed or had no supervisory or management functions. It depends, of course, on the position of our employer. Mr. Rheault called the agreement “pretty good” because it allows the union to be flexible by doing so from week to week, given the possible length of work. “It is time to promise those who were made this week, by negotiating in good faith an agreement that is not only in the best interests of the litigants, but above all in the best interests of the students.” At 6:15 a.m. M was announced that an interim agreement had been reached, with the URFA recommending the members of the agreement. It has yet to be ratified. “I respectfully recommend that the administration recognize the validity of the URFA strike notice and return to negotiations.

All students and university staff, as well as public opinion, expect that we will reach a fair agreement on March 25 and 26. The university has collective agreements covering the terms and conditions of employment of four collective agreement units. On Friday, March 15, despite the support of a mediator, it was announced that the two sides had not reached an agreement, leaving open the possibility of a labour dispute at a time when students are going to the most stressful part of their academic semester.