1. If paid by the naked owner, he may charge legal interest on the amount paid2. If the usufruit advances – a. If the amount paid is refunded, but without the legal interest. Is the right to withhold until payment. If the bare owner has requested the repair and the usufruit is still not doing so, the owner can do so at the expense of section 595. The owner may build and make improvements to all works whose immobility is likely to occur in the usufruit, or to carry out new plantings when they are agricultural, provided that these acts do not result in a decrease in the value of the usufruit or do not affect the law of usufruit. (503) c. To remove removable improvements or lift them from the damage it has caused2. On the side of the naked owner. Must cancel security or mortgage.

In the case of rural leases, respect the leases made by the usufruit until the end of the agricultural year. Restitutions to usufruit in the right case Article 583. The usufruit is required, before entering into the consumption of property:1, after notification to the owner or his rightful representative, to draw up an inventory of all real estate that must include an assessment of the personal property and a description of the condition of the real estate;2) a guarantee that undertakes to fulfill its obligations under this chapter. (491) Article 609. When the object of the usufruit is expropriated for public use, the owner is required either to replace it with another cause of the same value and similar conditions, or to pay the usufruit the legal interest on the amount of compensation for the duration of the usufruit. If the owner chooses the latter option, he owes the interest payment to the neighbour. (519) This particular usufruit deals with the right to recovery through the courts1. Real Estate2.

Personal property3. Right to personal property or real estate section 608. If the usufruit shares with the owner the insurance of the building given in the usufruit, the first, in case of loss, will continue the enjoyment of the new construction if you are built, or you receive interest on the insurance allowance if the owner does not want to rebuild it. If the usufruit has refused to make a contribution to the insurance, the owner who insures the rental house alone receives the full insurance benefit in the event of a disaster, always avoiding the right granted to the usufruitier in the previous article. (518 bis) Art. 587. If, on the basis of a promise of oath, the usufruit which did not assert the guarantee of the provision of the furniture necessary for its use and that he and his family can live in a house contained in the usufruit, the Tribunal may, after properly considering the facts, grant this request.