Although a Christian couple could divorce for other reasons (except what Matthew 19 could not, none of the partners could be married to anyone else. A matrimonial agreement is a legal document negotiated before their marriage, which defines how you distribute your property if your marriage does not work. A prenup can also help direct what happens with a spouse`s fortune after death. Each party uses its own lawyer to verify the document before signing. Here are the main questions to consider with regard to the application of a marriage pact: in the latter case, mixed families and business projects already engaged can create unique financial situations that must be treated with explicit care. There, a marriage agreement could be a sensible way to avoid future financial and legal headaches, especially when it comes to large families. (Although a common trust can have the same advantage without creating disharmony in the conjugal relationship. Individuals should consult Christian legal assistance to receive contributions.) In some situations, such as Naomi`s in Ruth`s book, women have been for themselves to defend themselves or to hope for the generosity of distant relatives. But something else comes out at the beginning of this story. Naomi asks Ruth to join her family. Ruth refuses because she came to love God and Naomi, but what we don`t see in the story is the depth of the choice she made. In most marriage contracts, there was a wedding price or dowry that was put on the girl when a man had to ask for his hand. This happened especially to protect her daughter and take care of her if the marriage were to end without heirs.

Ruth`s family had probably asked for the same payment even before the marriage to Naomi`s son was considered. Basically, Ruth turned her back not only to her old religion and her family, but also to the chance of financial stability, if she stayed with Naomi, who may have meant scrap metal. Hubby and I didn`t get a prenup. And I`m fine, because everything we build, since we`re together, should belong to both of us. At the end of the day, it is a question of a marital agreement, but it is not the main concern. The Bible commands husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the Church.